CSMS 12-000546, Drawback Claims filed on Goods Subject to the U.S. - Chile FTA, posted, December 10, 2012, provides the phase out schedule and instructions. [CDATA[ By Ranjeet Mahtani and Suhasini Joshi The Duty Drawback Scheme introduced for incentivizing and …   Under GST regime, Drawback under Section 75 shall be limited to Customs duties on imported inputs and Central Excise duty on items specified in Fourth Schedule to Central Excise Act 1944 (specified petroleum products, tobacco etc.) Duty Drawback provisions are made to grant rebate of duty or tax chargeable on any imported / excisable materials and input services used in the manufacture of export goods. This will prevent double availement of neutralisation of input taxes. How to calculate IGST under imports? The certificates from jurisdictional GST officer as referred above may not be available during initial days. Drawback under Section 74 will refund Customs duties as well as Integrated Tax and Compensation Cess paid on imported goods which are re-exported. In such situation, an exporter opting to claim composite rate of duty drawback during transition period has to give specified declaration and produce certificates as stated above so that he does not claim double benefit. 19 CFR 10, Subpart H: Does not reference drawback. Find HSN number or Service tariff code for GST Requisite certificate from GST officer shall also be required to this effect. KOLKATA: The Union government is seeking industry feedback on how to readjust the duty drawbacks in the new Goods and Services Tax regime. My exporter client is claiming drawback as mentioned in shipping bill of export at specified rate. The importer, exporter, processor, owner, or producer of goods that were exported from Canada and for which duty was paid on importation, may file a drawback claim. Claiming the duty drawback was a cumbersome process. Required fields are marked *, Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. The way out in such situation for the exporter is to amend the shipping bill to claim lower rate. Applicable import duty after GST implantation, Baggage clearance after GST implementation, Procedures to claim Drawback after GST implantation, Export procedure changes after GST implementation, Factory stuffing procedures after GST implementation, Import of goods attracts IGST but not CVD under GST regime, Import goods attracts IGST and CVD under GST regime, Import Goods attract IGST, CVD and Compensation Cess under GST regime, Safeguard duty and Anti-dumping duty after GST implementation, //
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