The prospect of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. Higher efficiency than TLEDs. Labor costs are a major factor in any retrofit project. The annual cost to power a 60-watt incandescent bulb for two minutes/day is approx. The average cost for an electrician to install fluorescent lighting ballasts is $45.00 each, so over the lifetime of an LED bulb, $90.00 in labor costs can be saved for every lighting fixture upgraded to LED (two ballast installations by an electrician). This adds time and cost for the installation and the added cost of the driver itself on top of it. We want to make the retrofit cost-effective and attractive for the CFO or owner. Eaton Introduces a High-Performing LED Retrofit Kit Engineered for Quick Installation, Saving on Labor Costs and Simplifying Upgrades. For fixtures that need an upgrade to accommodate LED technology, retrofitting is still very cost effective, and the savings made on the reduction in energy use will quickly recoup costs. LED retrofit kits use the existing fixture housing emptied of all its components. The basic dimensions of a standard tennis court are determined by the level of play. LED Options . A commercial lighting retrofit from older lighting types to LEDs will allow you to reduce energy usage and save on utility bills. For instance, a small 2’ x 8’ identification sign with four T12 fluorescent tube lights on a single ballast, will operate at 160-170 watts on average. * Based on a conservative $72/hr composite labor rate. A lighting retrofit is the process of replacing components of an existing lighting system with parts that are more energy efficient.Naturally, there are some costs associated with making the transition, yet for many it’s a sensible choice since the changes not only make a facility more eco-friendly but can result in significant energy savings over the long-term. He was looking for an LED wall pack replacement. Ideal retrofit LED solutions allow facilities to use existing mounting hoods and conduit/wiring systems, helping to reduce new fixture installation labor costs. 1 fixture: $69.12: $164.68: Lighting Fixture Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install lighting fixture with favorable site conditions. If you would like some guidance on your LED lighting retrofit project or need an experienced lighting installation company to help with your project, contact PKK Lighting in Madison, WI. Even in this situation, the conversion to LEDs becomes less compelling if you are already using efficient CFL bulbs or florescent tube lighting. Cost Retrofit LEDs - Pros; Retrofitting with LED screw-in lamps is the least expensive way to upgrade your property’s lighting. On the flipside, an 8.5-watt LED bulb burning at the same rate costs only $4.40/year. Cut new opening and secure new box. Eaton Introduces a High-Performing LED Retrofit Kit Engineered for Quick Installation, Saving on Labor Costs and Simplifying Upgrades. Ideal retrofit LED solutions allow facilities to utilize existing mounting hoods and conduit/wiring systems, helping to reduce new fixture installation labor costs. These fixtures allow you to switch to LED without having to replace your existing fixture. These LED retrofit kits significantly reduce energy consumption compared to the existing fluorescent systems, providing instant energy savings along with the ability to take advantage of potential utility rebates. Being able to mount directly to the existing mounting hoods can save a significant amount of labor time and cost. The cost to power a single 60 watt bulb for this business would be about $30/year vs. $4.40/year for an 8.5 watt LED. Standard Tennis Court Dimensions. Recurring costs from replacement parts, labor and disposal; Safety concerns with hazardous mercury-containing fluorescent tubes; Inconsistent light output due to dimming or burned out bulbs ; Install in a Snap. Consider Allegiant Service Group, Inc. for your next LED lighting retrofit or LED upgrade. Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Lighting Retrofit The cost of a lighting retrofit project, as with any good investment, is carefully considered and greatly . Improve your lighting quality, reduce your total energy consumption and save on utility and maintenance expenses by experiencing the following benefits of an LED Retrofit. Reliability. Our HID retrofit kits are a great option when you need to need to make the decision to replace an entire fixture or retrofit the current one. In 2017, USA Today reported that switching to LED light bulbs can help the typical home save about a $1,000 over a 10-year period. When it comes to other LED retrofit kits, the same situation likely occurs: a driver for every fixture. Save over $20 labor cost per fixture* RAB's Retrofit Troffer can be installed by one person in under 3 minutes vs. 20 minutes for a full fixture replacement. On average, LED lighting uses 75% less energy than traditional lighting, such as incandescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. It’s worth pointing out that the cost difference between LED T8 lamps, LED retrofit kits, and new fixtures is inching closer and closer together. Selecting the Most Cost-Efective LED Option . The easy lift and shift design allows for easy and quick installation, saving on labor costs. Iconergy can arrange a no-cost LED lighting retrofit for your building. Retrofit Kits Uses existing housing but replaces old lamps, ballasts, and sockets with new electronics and LED modules for longer life. and labor costs. The LED retrofit unit labor cost represents the labor cost, including lift truck and permit fees, to install the units. A retrofit kit has classically been the cheaper option at installation. In our example, let us suppose that the initial cost of the system (lamps/ballasts only) - - including the cost of the components and labor, waste disposal - - is about $70.00/fixture or $7,000 total (other initial costs may include financing, consulting fees, tax effects and waste disposal).